Catching a Thief – a short, short story

“Sir! finally, we caught him! ” said the constable bursting into the Inspector’s cabin. The constable pushed the scruffy, young man into an empty cell and slammed it shut.
“We found this on him,” said the constable and emptied the contents of a cloth bag on the Inspectors table. Out tumbled an assortment of wallets, gold chains and odd trinkets.
“Impressive !” said the Inspector as he looked at the small heap on his desk. “He looks like he can hardly stand up!”
“Sir, do not go by his looks. There is hardly a bus-stop or shopping mall that he has not targetted.” said the constable.
Both turned to look at the glittering heap on the table.
“Now let’s decide who keeps what,” said the Inspector.
“I want this…”
“I will keep this…”
The young man in the cell shook his head in disbelief and began laughing.

On the Ledge – a short, short story

He lifted one foot and placed it on the window sill. Then he pulled himself up. Now, he was on the ledge. He stood there, back pressed against the wall.
“I am a failure! No job, no money, no place to call home! “
There was only one thing left to do.
That was when he heard a strange sound.
He looked around him.
There was a nest near his feet. In it, there was a small egg, and it was hatching.
A tiny beak emerged, then the crack widened. The whole body wriggled out.
The weak, ugly baby bird began dragging itself around the nest.
“What is wrong with me, ” he said finally, ” if this weak bird can survive in this world, so can I!”
He climbed back in and closed the window behind him.

Rebirth – a short, short story

“I am sorry, we tried out best!” said the Doctor and disappeared down the corridor. Tear’s streaming down Mr Gupta’s face.

On the hospital bed was what remained of his son.
“Had I not bought him the motorcycle, he would have been alive today!” Mr Gupta said between sobs.
He collapsed on the floor, not sure what to do next.
A sharp jab in his back made him wince.
It was a young girl holding a cane.
“Why are you blocking my way?” she asked.
The girl was wearing a patients gown.
He stared at her for a few minutes.
“I am sorry!” he said and got up. He let the girl pass.
Mr Gupta looked at his son for a second, then went to the Doctor and said, “I want to donate my son’s organs. He would have wanted it.”