A New Leaf – a short, short story

Kumar arched his body back. It was a relief to be finally out of jail.
Six months for a petty crime? The purse had a measly five hundred rupees. Six months for that?
He had found religion behind bars. Yoga, reading from the scriptures, daily visits to the jail temple.
Six months later, he was a changed man.
“Live an honest life, make us proud! ” said the jailor as he signed him out.
“I promise!”
Kumar was ready to face the world.
“Ouch!” the man exclaimed. He had bumped into Kumar.
“Sorry sir,” said Kumar and moved aside. The man hurried on his way.
Something on the ground caught Kumar’s eye. It was a purse. He bent over and picked it up.
“Stop him! He picked my pocket !” The man was shouting. Kumar looked around. The next minute he found the hands of a guard from the jail on his neck.
“Back to your old habits?”
He dragged a protesting Kumar back through the gates. The gates slammed shut behind them.

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