Crime and Reward – a short, short story

Prakash wiped the sweat off his forehead. The auto-rickshaw was hot, but he could not rest. His son was running a fever. Prakash had to make some money to consult a doctor.
“Sion station,” said the customer, climbing into the passenger seat. The customer was in his fifties, grey-haired.
“Fifty rupees,” said Prakash, half an hour later. The man paid and hurried away.
As Prakash turned to get his water bottle, he spotted a wallet. It was heavy and stuffed with currency notes. He jumped out to find the passenger but could not find him.
He looked at the wad of currency notes, thought for a minute and hurried home.
“Token fifteen,” said the nurse. Prakash recognized the Doctor. It was the passenger whose wallet was paying for the visit. He jumped up to leave, but the Doctor said, “I understand, don’t worry, I will treat your son.”