A new friend – a short, short story

Hari waved as the bus disappeared in the distance. On the bus was the only friend he had made in the village. The friends had been inseparable.
There were a lot of children in his class at school, but Hari did not have a friend.
A friend was someone you could trust, someone with whom you could share your dreams.

As he walked back home, he saw a basket moving on its own. He was intrigued and went to check. The basket would move a bit and then stop. Then it would move again. Hari lifted the basket and found a puppy inside.

“Who put you here?” It did not answer but wagged its tail furiously.

The puppy tumbled a couple of times as it ran after Hari.
“Come with me, we are friends now !” said Hari with a smile.
The boy and the puppy went home.