The Doctor – a short, short story

“Doctor, you are blessed with healing powers! You saved my child’s life,” said the woman with tears in her eyes.
“I did nothing your daughter is a fighter. She will make a complete recovery, ” said the Doctor and walked towards his room. There a photo on the desk caught his eye. It was of a young girl. He sighed.
” Healing powers….indeed! I could not heal the one person I valued the most in my life.”
He sat behind his desk and closed his eyes. In his mind, images from the past flashed. He had tried his best, the best doctors in the hospital had pitched in but, nothing could save his daughter. He buried her on her fifth birthday.
Tears coursed down his face.
“Doctor, the patient in O.P five is ready!” said the voice on the intercom.
“I am coming,” said the Doctor and hurried out.