The Quitter – a short, short story

“I am giving up,” said the young man, and flopped down on the bench. He looked at the timer in his hand and shook his head.
“No matter how hard I try, it never comes below thirteen seconds,” he said and continued,” I need to run the hundred meters race in less than thirteen seconds, else I am out of the university team.”
The man said, “Do not give up, heard the story of Bruce and the spider?”
“Yeah, yeah, my father keeps repeating that, so does my coach! Those are stories, not real life.”
The man smiled and got up, “I have to do two more rounds of the track, my physiotherapist recommends I do five-rounds daily. “
The young man saw he had prosthesis on both his legs.
“Lost both my legs in Afghanistan, happened on my second tour.”
With that, the man hobbled away.

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