The Beggar – a short, short story

It was a busy street. The man stopped to check the time.
“Spare some change!” the voice cut through the din.
The beggar sat in a shaded corner on some cardboard sheets. His possessions stacked beside him.
” Get a job. Deliver Pizza, work at a construction site. You look healthy, why do you beg?”
The beggar did not answer.
“I work hard every day of my life, that is what puts money in my pockets,” he said and patted his pant pocket.
Then he patted again, checked his back pockets, then coat pockets.
“Someone picked my pocket. I left my cell home this morning. Now I cant even call my office!” said the man.
He looked all around. No one on the street stopped to help him.
“Take this,” said the beggar, offering some coins, “I work hard too, but I have some change to spare!

One thought on “The Beggar – a short, short story

  1. Man. Let us not judge each other. How presumptuous and condescending we are to homeless! My favorite interaction was when someone approached me; when I left my job and home for and he said “hey brother”. And heroically tried to offer me a gift card. This has become incriminated and we call it “panhandling”. But I forever will hold onto that ultrahuman interaction. Best thing in this world. Brotherly love.


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