Best Friends Forever – a short, short story

The boy looked at the empty playground. With the schools closed, all the children had left with their parents on vacation. Both his parents had work and were not going.
He went and sat on one of the swings. The slide, the merry go round all were empty. He had the whole place to himself, but he was not happy. He wished there were other children there.
He heard a strange language and turned. A boy was pointing at the other swing and talking. He did not understand a word the boy was saying.
“You want to sit on it?” he said, pointing at the swing.
The other boy nodded his head.
After playing on the swings, they climbed up the slide. They talked, not understanding a word that the other said, but that was not important. They were both happy, that was all that mattered.

An Optimist a day keeps depression away – a short, short story

The farmer looked up at the sky. It was blue as far as he could see.
He had the right variety of seeds. The tractor was on loan, and the workers were available. Without the rains, all preparation was useless, and there could be no planting.
He closed his eyes, ” Please let it rain!”
Someone upstairs was listening. That night it rained. It rained the whole day and continued through the night into the next day. When it finally stopped four days later, all his fields were underwater.
“You do not need a tractor, a boat would be better.” said the workers and left.
The farmer looked at his fields and said, “If not crops, maybe I can turn this into a fish pond. I can feed them the grains…..” He began planning.

War and peace, the kindergarten version – a short, short story

“Your son hit my daughter!” said the woman.
“Your daughter scratched his face!” said the other woman.
“That was because he hit her. You can see the mark on her face.”
“What about the scratch on my son’s face?”
The children stood at a distance, watching their mothers argue.
The girl giggled.
“Why are you laughing?” the boy said.
“My mother’s face turns red when she is angry, ” she said.
The boy looked carefully. “You are right. It looks funny. My mother crumples her face when she is shouting.”
“Do you want to see my cat?”, said the girl, “Her name is Dots.”
“Will you let me play with your cat.”
“I will let you play with my cat, but you have to promise that you will not hit me.”
“Ok,” said the boy.
The two walked away, while their mothers continued arguing.