The well-wisher – a short, short story

We were all excited about the journey. Father, mother, sister and I had travelled by train, but for the return had booked air tickets. For my sister and me, it was our first air journey.
“My school teacher is here!” said father.
“Let’s pray,” said the old teacher.
He stood with us around him in a circle.
“O Lord, please grant these people courage to survive the flight. Let there be no mishaps on their way home.”
I could see fathers eyebrows rise at this point.
“Planes crash, O Lord! let them have a safe journey. As they fly over the ocean, let there be no fires. If it crashes, let it be on land and not in the sea‚Ķ..”
On the flight, my sister threw-up, while I held on to the seat for the entire two-hours.
I am sure our journey would have been fun without that prayer!

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