Better than cartoons – a short, short story

The boys looked at the clock. It was five past four. Any minute now the door would open.
“Don’t push,” said one as both jostled for a clear view.
Suddenly the doors were flung open.
Thick smoke came out first. Out of the haze, a young man emerged. Long hair, unkempt face, loose shirt, dressed in shorts, the man was their uncle. The man went straight to a dressing table and began applying some powder on his face!
“He gets up at four in the evening and powders his face first!” said a boy laughing.
“Shhh!” said the other as their uncle began brushing his teeth!
Now both started laughing.
“Uncle wakes up at four. What was that smoke in his room!”
“Something that makes him do all this.”
Why watch cartoons during vacations, when you have such characters in your family?