Shortcut to paradise – a short, short story

“How long will I have to sit there?”
“Maybe an hour or two. It is a religious gathering.”
The priest reminded the boy of a ballon he had painted in art class.
Round and full of hot-air!
“Pray daily, and you will go to heaven,” the priest said, looking at the boy.
“In heaven, you get anything you want. If you want to eat sweets, you get sweets. If it is sleep you desire, you get to sleep as long as you want….”
That sounded interesting, but the boy had a doubt.
“Is there homework there?” he asked, much to mothers indignation.
“No, you will know everything, so no need to study.”
“When can we come again?” the boy asked on the way home.
“No more religion for you or me,” his mother said, “I have had it with these ignorant gurus.”

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