Instant Karma – a short, short story

The lockdown forced everyone indoors. There was a relaxation of an hour when all had to rush to buy essential commodities. Foodstuff was in short supply due to the hoarding. Only one shop-keeper was allowed to operate in our street. The queue outside the store was a mile long.
The shop-keeper was raking money off our troubles.
“Get in the line. You there, can’t you hear me, are you deaf?”
We all listened to him and kept quiet.
Then the lockdown eased, more shops opened. Stocks started coming in.
Now the tables turned. No one went to the rude shop keeper. He would stand outside his store and smile and wave at any passing face.
“How are you? Is your grand-mother feeling well now? We have some fine weather today..”
Everyone ignored him. It would have been different had he shown some empathy earlier.