Money power- a short, short story

“Your mother is getting on my nerves,” said the wife.
The husband did not reply. He could hear his mother humming an old movie song in the next room.
“She asked the cook to boil two eggs in the morning,” said the wife.
“Is that a crime?”
“She could have told me. Now the cook will tell the neighbours. They will spread the story that I do not take proper care of her.”
“With papa no more, where else can she live, but with her only child?”
“What are those papers?” said the wife.
“Some documents from papa’s box,” said the husband,” Oh my God! he has left all his money in her name.”
“How much?”
“It is a seven-digit number.”
The wife thought for a second.
Then she went to the next room and said,” Mother, what would you have for lunch? Think of me as your daughter..”