A problem of abundance – a short, short story

“Finish your vegetables,” said the boy’s mother.
“I do not like vegetables,” he said.
“You need them to grow strong and healthy.”
“At breakfast, you said eating eggs would make me strong.”
“Do not argue with me,” said his mother.
The phone in the next room began to ring.
“I have to answer the phone. When I return, your plate should be clean.”
The boy looked at the plate full of vegetables. He looked at the window and had an idea.
“Yes, my plate would be clean,” he said and smiled.
He took the plate to the window.
He was about to throw the vegetables out when he saw some children on the street.
They were looking for scrap in the garbage heap.
The boy watched them for a few minutes.
He returned with the plate to the table and began eating the vegetables.

9 thoughts on “A problem of abundance – a short, short story

  1. As I recall from my time in India the servants were on our children’s side and what they didn’t like to eat the servants would stealthily take from their plate while were were not looking so they didn’t get into trouble. LOL


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