The Soldier – a short, short story

He crumped up the sheet of paper. He could repeat what was on it word for word.
After all, he had read it a hundred times.
‘….your services are no longer required…….inability to cope with the latest technology…..’
The words in the letter were in bold.
‘….on the wrong side of fifty..’ his manager, now ex – manager’s voice echoed in his mind.

His eyes wandered around the room. It came to rest on a faded army uniform. A medal pinned on it caught his eye.
The metal had lost its shine, but the memories it brought back were fresh.
He remembered running through a hail of bullets, carrying a wounded soldier on his shoulder.
“I did not give up then, ” he said to himself, ” Why would I give up now ?”
He picked up a book on computers and started reading it.