The fitness regimen – a short, short story

He adjusted the headband and checked in the mirror.
“Yes, now the logo is visible!”
He continued admiring the view.
The material of the t-shirt was perfect. The stomach measurements were not. It stretched the fabric!

“Hmm, I will need to sweat a lot !”
The price tag was showing on the track pant. He tore it off.
The sports shoes were costly but not as much as the treadmill.
That purchase had burned a hole in his pocket.
He looked at the clock.
Ten A.M to eleven A.M was exercise time.

The TV timer started beeping.
He thought for a second.
“Maybe I will start tomorrow. I cannot miss this show.”
He heated a bowl of popcorn and took out a can of his favourite soft drink. Then settling down on the couch before the TV, he reached for the remote.

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