Worrying Mindfully – a short, short story

I was just back from a ten-day meditation retreat.

Ten days of no talking, no contact with other humans. All that we had to do was concentrate on our breath.
It sounded simple in the brochures but turned out to be complicated stuff when put into practice.

Ten days later, I returned refreshed and recharged.
Before I could ring the bell, the door opened, and my wife rushed out.

“I have to go out to buy the groceries,” my wife said, managing a smile.

As I closed the door behind her, the bell rang.
It was the watchman with a hand full of bills.

I was checking them when my son opened the door of his room.

“The roof is leaking. I have moved my desktop for now. You need to get the waterproofing done.”

I was back in my world of mindfully worrying!

One thought on “Worrying Mindfully – a short, short story

  1. I feel this on a deep level.
    Getting sick during my second trimester, and I couldn’t do anything but rest. I could hear the world around me stretch and bend with loud hollering, laughter, and awkward poopy diapers needing extra fiber.
    My spouse did amazing with keeping our little demons at bay, but he also works so he multitasked to the extreme (in his own way). The second I arose from the bed, everyone stopped, rushed over with their problems and/or concerns, and our house went back to normal.
    I didn’t know how much I am needed when I return to reality (even if my mini vacation was being sick).


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