Bias in the News

Pick up any newspaper, browse any news site, turn on any news channel and listen. The chances are that you will sense a bias. In India, the driving force is more of a financial nature. The government in power can place full-page advertisements in newspapers of their choice. These can mean revenues in millions. Obviously, newspapers that toe the Government line get the ads. These newspaper houses have to ensure that the articles which analyze Government policies get watered down to present a positive spin. News media of countries with dictatorships or totalitarian governments have no options to choose from. For them, it is always better to write praising the virtues of the Supreme Leader than to find themselves tied to the business end of a cannon.

Personally, I think the worst example of bias is visible in the news media from the US. From CNN to Fox, everyone has a bias. Democrat or Republican, the news item gets doctored to favour one or the other side. For a country that claims itself to be the epitome of democracy and democratic values, this is really sad.

What happened to pure and simple journalism?

Presenting the news as it happens. Treating readers or viewers with respect and letting them draw their own conclusions. Letting the readers form their own opinion as to who the heroes and villains were in the story you narrated.

One thought on “Bias in the News

  1. You’re right. In the U.S., the main stream media is not news at all. It’s lies paid for and controlled by their stock holders and advertisers. Basically, it’s just communist propaganda and lies; brainwashing. Many are still mindlessly believing the brainwashing on the news, but many of us have woken up to what’s going on. I’m praying and hoping many more will wake up.


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