To vax or not to vax

Two years into the pandemic, the world is now split into two camps. Those that are eager or ok with the idea of getting vaccinated and those who are refusing to take the jab. Let me clear the air right at the start. I have taken both vaccines as mandated in my country. So have all those in my immediate family.

Did I evaluate the chances of success of the vaccines before getting them?

No. But then neither do I evaluate all the off the shelf medicines that I end up taking for various other ailments. I am not a Doctor nor do I keep myself up to date on all the conspiracy theories that float around on the internet.

And sure enough, the pandemic has spawned a number of theories. Right from the ‘how it all started’ to ‘how it can spread’ and ‘how to avoid it’ there are multiple theories that float around. ‘Graduates from WhatsApp university’ …. you know, folks who spend endless hours ‘whatsapping’ are mainly responsible for spreading all this information or better let’s call it disinformation. The problem for most of us normal, human beings is deciding what to believe and what to discard.

I for one believe it is wrong to force anyone to do anything. That being said if my inaction can result in someone else getting sick or worse dying, then I am all for getting vaxed.